Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Current Events - Auckland Buses Strike Jessie

This afternoon LS2 go into pairs  and given an  instruction. Today we were learning about the Bus Strike in Auckland City, we were learning everything we learnt from article's and video's about the bus strike in Auckland. Our learning Intention is to Identify the 5 W's of a Current Event, we had to think about the 2 Point Views clearly so that it was a correct statement. This is an Link to the article.


Chelsea Donaldson said...

Great work Jessie and Juanita. Your task shows me that you have understood the current event and the LI, to identify the 5 Ws in a current event. Well done for using full sentences to answer each part of the task. You have thought carefully about the point of views of the public and the bus drivers, and have explained why they have that point of view. Well done!

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